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Components for railway systems and vehicles face variable harsh conditions every day. Abrupt weather changes, flying particles but also vandalism are just a few challenges.

Stumpe Glas develops and delivers durable glass components designed for reliable use in all climate zones and working conditions worldwide. Besides through colored or coated glass for signal and other lighting devices, we manufacture pressed and flat safety glass covers in many different versions for railway vehicle interiors, exteriors, over and underground stations and the railway track periphery.

We can also assist with the substation of plastic luminaire covers in glass for “section 12” underground requirements.


- Optical glass e.g. B270 & LIBA

- Soda-lime glass

- Low-iron glass

- Borosilicate glass

- Colored glass

- Glass ceramics

- Pure quartz

Coatings & Filters

- Aluminium

- Gold

- Dichroic filters, e.g. AR, UV & IR

- Cold light reflection

- ceramic and organic colors

- Mirrors

Signalling Glassware
Signalling Glassware
Signalling Glassware
Glass Lens
Besides using fully automated glass refining machines, we invest in the continuous improvement of traditional glass refining processes and in-house solutions to offer an extraordinary and permanently expanding product portfolio.
We place special value on easy handling, transparency and fairness.

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