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For decades Stumpe Glas has been delivering flat and pressed safety glass for position, deck and port facility lighting as well as gauge glass for ON and OFFSHORE applications. 

Furthermore, we are a strong partner for developing LED optics used in modern and design orientated ambience lighting inside and outside of vessels but also for maximum efficiency and light intensity in high power floodlights.

Constantly improved production methods enable us to assure norm defined product characteristics in many cases.

Our optical glass guarantees the highest possible transmission for lighting applications while an in house developed tempering machine allows us to optimize the impact strength for the use under most severe conditions.

Stumpe Glas is supporting you with developing and redeveloping existing systems as well, giving you the chance to have the decisive advantage.


- Optical glass e.g. B270 & LIBA

- Soda-lime glass

- Low-iron glass

- Borosilicate glass

- Colored glass

- Glass ceramics

- Pure quartz

Coatings & Filters

- Aluminium

- Gold

- Dichroic filters, e.g. AR, UV & IR

- Cold light reflection

- ceramic and organic colors

- Mirrors

Filter Glass
Gauge Glass
Glass Prisms
Besides using fully automated glass refining machines, we invest in the continuous improvement of traditional glass refining processes and in-house solutions to offer an extraordinary and permanently expanding product portfolio.
We place special value on easy handling, transparency and fairness.

No matter what industries you are in and what product type you are looking for:

We understand our client´s product ideas with a passion.

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