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The ongoing urbanization and the steady growth of metropolitan areas worldwide require the development of extremely durable and resilient high performance products. Stumpe Glas produces all necessary impact resistant glass components for floor, wall and mast mounted lighting systems, designed for maximum performance and reliability over many years.

Together with selected partners we additionally offer efficiency analyses and product simulations for street and tunnel light developments.

Optionally, our flat glass is delivered with weather resistant anti reflective coatings to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your product.


- Optical glass e.g. B270 & LIBA

- Soda-lime glass

- Low-iron glass

- Borosilicate glass

- Colored glass

- Glass ceramics

- Pure quartz

Coatings & Filters

- Aluminium

- Gold

- Dichroic filters, e.g. AR, UV & IR

- Cold light reflection

- ceramic and organic colors

- Mirrors

PAR Lenses
Cover Glass & Color Filters
Signalling Glassware
Optical Lenses
Besides using fully automated glass refining machines, we invest in the continuous improvement of traditional glass refining processes and in-house solutions to offer an extraordinary and permanently expanding product portfolio.
We place special value on easy handling, transparency and fairness.

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