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After dawn artificial light is the most important factor for creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Without a doubt, the appearance of buildings and interiors is significantly influenced by light technology.

The right choice of light directing and highly efficient glass components is mandatory to achieve the best possible result.

Stumpe Glas supports you from the first sketch to series production, developing and manufacturing the right diffuser, safety glass as well as light guiding and forming optic for your demand.


Due to its superior look and haptics, glass is the right choice for your light creating or sculptural design object.

No matter if created by a glass blower, common traditional glassmaking arts or produced by fully automated high tech machinery, the brilliance, color diversity and variety of shapes will delight you.

Together with renowned partners Stumpe Glas has the ability to offer the complete development and production of components for light engineering and other applications.


- Optical glass e.g. B270 & LIBA

- Soda-lime glass

- Low-iron glass

- Borosilicate glass

- Colored glass

- Glass ceramics

- Pure quartz

Coatings & Filters

- Aluminium

- Gold

- Dichroic filters, e.g. AR, UV & IR

- Cold light reflection

- ceramic and organic colors

- Mirrors

Light-forming Lenses & Cover Glass
Light Diffusor
PAR Lenses
Besides using fully automated glass refining machines, we invest in the continuous improvement of traditional glass refining processes and in-house solutions to offer an extraordinary and permanently expanding product portfolio.
We place special value on easy handling, transparency and fairness.

No matter what industries you are in and what product type you are looking for:

We understand our client´s product ideas with a passion.

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